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The Journey is the Reward

April 2nd, 2009

As a consumer of biographies, one of the great books that made one of the biggest impacts on my youth was one about Steve Jobs that was published in 1987, ‘The Journey is the Reward’, by Jeffrey S Young. This title and sentiment has stayed with me throughout my life and has always provided perspective on the achievement of various goals and accomplishments.

The Journey is the Reward, at least according to a very youthful looking Steve Jobs

The Journey is the Reward, at least according to a very youthful looking Steve Jobs

For me, the founding and running of ThinkITSM embodies these words. When we started the company in 2007, it was, in many ways born out of the frustration of working in an industry (Implementing Service Desk tools) where so many companies were unsuccessful and that as a former technology vendor providing software tools it was incredibly frustrating. Despite the human condition of expecting technology to solve all the known problems in at least our galaxy, it was clear that great IT support delivery involved more than the procurement of a software tool. People and Process, those two oft-quoted intangible components always seemed to crop up to foil even the most conscientious vendors plan. Of course, this led to us to asking the question; ‘Surely there has to be a better way of doing this.’ Probably an innocuous question for many of you reading this, however, to those who have dared to explore the answer, you will know of the subsequent  feeling of falling through the rabbit hole and following the esteemed footstep of young Alice (minus the hallucinations) as she chased that time obsessed bunny.

Creating a company or being part of a small organization that is finding its footing in the world is one of the truly great things in life that I would recommend that everyone try at least once. As ThinkITSM continues its search of that ‘better way’, I get ‘my high’ working with the team we have assembled grapple with the challenges presented, watching and participating in the process of software development where it evolves from a technical exercise to actually becomes a creative excursion. This is when I know we are on the right track because making stuff better should always be a creative process when done correctly. A labor of love that has everyone focused on achieving that rather precious and elusive outcome – A satisfied customer. I love this outcome, but for me, it is how we get there that is where the fun truly happens. The Journey really is the reward.

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