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ITIL Case Study – If you want to Lose Weight, Get on the Scale.

August 25th, 2009

Like a successful weight reduction plan, service desk improvements need to be defined based on a good knowledge of where you are and how far you want/need to go. Taking a little time at the beginning of your improvement planning to baseline your service desk practice and inform your improvement priorities will provide you with a surprisingly valuable set of information!

This blog is a follow on to the “ITIL – Not a Cure for the Common Cold!” blog where I provided an overview of a large government’s service management journey and outlined their 5-Step Roadmap to improvement.  This article will focus on getting started, using the case study organization as a guide….

Where do you start with no money, no credibility and no time?

The answer is not really all that difficult.  You have to start with a solid understanding of where you are and knowledge of where you want & need to be.  The art is then to pick the combination of outcomes and activities that will generate momentum, produce useful improvements and build credibility. Read more…

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ThinkITSM Lite and Improve are now live!

August 7th, 2009

This was a big week for everyone at ThinkITSM; we have officially released the public beta of  ThinkITM Coach Lite and Improve, beginning a roadmap of solutions that will make life better for everyone involved in managing and running service desks.

ThinkITSM has been a 3 year odyssey that started off supposedly being one poorly shaven guy in a back room doing some coding to being something that has resulted in a product that has the potential to change how companies manage their IT help desks all around the world. And hey, we’ve all had a bad experience with a help desk!

So check out today to sign up for a FREE subscription to ThinkITSM Coach. You should also check out our cool video of Calvin at an IT carnival being saved by ThinkITSM and testimonials from Malcolm Fry (one of the world’s leading authorities on help desk) at Read more…

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Malcolm Fry Presents ThinkITSM/HDI Makeover Contest Prize

August 6th, 2009

ThinkITSM/HDI Award Winner

Maria Ritchie - Eva Viviano - Malcolm Fry Mississauga, Ontario

ThinkITSM is excited to announce that Eva Viviano from Resolve Corporation won the HDI promotion where ThinkITSM offered a full 12 months of ThinkITSM Coach, a service that helps improve help desk performance and quality. As an added bonus, Malcolm Fry, the HDI lifetime achievement award winner, was on hand to present the prize with Maria Ritchie. Eva was looking forward to taking advantage of the benefits of a ThinkITSM subscription including the mapping of their help desk data into ThinkITSM’s Performance and Quality Reporting engine. Read more…

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