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ITIL – Not a Cure for the Common Cold!

May 25th, 2009

Shockingly, ITIL is not a cure for the common cold and suffers from being overprescribed by often well-intentioned but ill-advised ITIL enthusiasts.  Doing ITIL will not necessarily generate any benefits for your organization and can consume significant resources with little return on the investment.  Fortunately the diagnosis is not all bad though.  ITIL can be a powerful tool when coupled with a clear improvement purpose and plan.

As a matter of fact, ITIL was a significant influence in the success of several large IT transformation initiatives that I was involved with as a senior manager in the Ontario Government.  Over the next weeks and months, I will share some of the insights I gained as an IT practitioner using ITIL in the hopes that some part of my experiences may be useful to you on your continual service improvement journeys.

Let’s start at the beginning…… Read more…

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Service Management reporting… where to start?

May 17th, 2009

A key challenge facing many ITSM practitioners is defining and producing meaningful reports.  Many ITSM vendor products, designed to automate and manage process activities, come equipped with a wide range of reports. Sometimes they speak to IT managers and, more importantly the business, but others consistently fall short of that target.  While this may be due to the messages they are attempting to convey, it may also be that the wrong reports are being shared with the wrong stakeholders.  How do you avoid this hit and miss strategy and ensure key information is being conveyed?  What we need is a way to present reports that are meaningful for specific stakeholders.   Read more…

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Should SMB’s care about ITIL?

May 13th, 2009

When I talk about ITIL to my wife (she really wishes I didn’t but hey that’s love),  she generally responds that it seems like a lot of common sense. I like to use the analogy that ITIL is a radar system for the IT department, it provides a mechanism where everyone can have visibility into a variety of things that makes sure that bad stuff doesn’t happen and if it does happen, everyone knows what they should be doing to fix it and to make sure it does not happen again. At the same time, you look in the ‘real world’ and see large organizations spend months/years implementing the processes and procedures to reach the proverbial pot of gold that ITIL can offer an organization (efficiencies, cost savings, productivity improvement blah blah balh). However, can smaller organizations (under 1000 employees) benefit from implementing ITIL? Read more…

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HDI Trillium Annual Conference - Who knew? Penguins CAN fly!

May 9th, 2009

ThinkITSM was title sponsor for Wednesday’s HDI Trillium Chapter Annual Conference in downtown Toronto.  The morning keynote was led by an extraordinary person, Vicki Keith, who holds various long distance swimming records including one by swimming continuously for over 5 days (yes, nonstop for 124 hours!). Her speech was titled ‘Penguins can fly’ and I am guilty of admitting that in advance of seeing her was thinking this was a rather silly title as we all know Penguins can’t in fact reach that airborne state known as flying. However, Vicki was quick to dispose of this preconception. She rightly pointed out that if you watch a Penguins under the water, they flap their wings and move through the water as if it were air. She introduced herself as a “penguin’ that never really fitted and it was a lifelong struggle to find her place in the world. She went on to talk about how she uses Swimming to help kids restore or gain self-esteem (read more at

Vicki Keith Presenting at HDI

One story in particular was about a 14 year old girl who did not have use of her legs and built a wall of self-loathing around her disability; after seeing Vicki in action she was inspired to swim across Lake Ontario and show that her abilities truly can overcome the disabilities that I am sure everyone focuses on when they meet this tremendous athlete. In many ways, this presentation from Vicki paralleled many of the pre-conceptions that the Service Desk has to overcome in an organization. Read more…

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Are IT Managers of SMBs going to become extinct?

May 1st, 2009

I was visiting an IT department the other day of a financial services firm in Toronto. My colleague was on a sales call for CRM solutions and I was coming along for the ride to observe. What was really interesting is that the ‘IT Manager’ managed to confirm almost every stereotype I have for individuals who are going to become extinct unless they are prepared to evolve. Let me elaborate; the organization has hired some new business managers who really see the value of CRM tools and processes, currently the company uses nothing but the IT Manager was tasked with finding a solution - this was their first mistake. Read more…

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