Define Measure Acheive. Repeat

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The ITSM Coach Difference

Why ThinkITSM

ITSM Coach makes it possible for any IT Department or Technical Service provider to become a high performing unit by using our on-demand web based applications. Our tools allow organizations to set goals, priorities, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and then stabilizes their technology infrastructure by reducing the number of service interruptions to the business, minimize the impact of IT changes and ensure that everyone understands how effective their IT infrastructure is performing.

An 'Outcomes' based approach to IT Service Management

ITSM Coach is focused on the feasible outcomes from which an organization can benefit when an IT department employs a customer-centric approach to running IT operations. In order to drive any meaningful change within IT, it is essential to keep the ‘eye on the prize’ (i.e. the outcomes/objectives/goals).

The Consulting IS included

ITSM Coach is comprised of a gaggle of ITSM experts who have been involved in some of the largest and most complex service management implementations in the world and who wanted to create a universally beneficial set of practices available to any organization that wishes to make improvements to its IT support. We recognize that the average organization that fits this criteria does not have the resources to fund extensive customized consulting so we built a set of tools that incorporate all the knowledge, advice and best practices we recommend to our clients on a daily basis. All of this expertise is available to you for less than two lattes a day (a little more if you have more than 250 employees – but not much more!)

The advice is built through a network of world-renowned IT Practitioners and Consultants

Leading ITSM thinkers from around the world have contributed their expertise to ITSM Coach. ITSM Coach provides the benefits of a room filled with the best and brightest available in our industry. Additionally, all of ITSM Coaches contributors are independent from service management software vendors, so the only agenda that is pursued is yours.

Consulting that is continually enhanced and refreshed

ITSM Coach had been build using the CaaS (Consulting as a Service) model as it aligns itself to an essential ingredient of ITSM, that of ‘Continual Improvement’. As the discipline of ITSM evolves, the content and consulting advice in the form of the ITSM coach is continually refreshed, enhanced and made available to your organization as long as it subscribes to the service.

Metrics and Reporting that makes sense and is always delivered in Phase I

Get all the measurement and metrics in relation to your organization’s goals and objectives right now. ITSM Coach shows you how measurements tie into specific goals to ensure that you are obtaining the information that you need to know and whether those goals are being reached.

On Demand

We are excited about the ‘On-Demand’ model as everyone in our company is focused on ways we can continually add value to your support practices. Innovations are not only made available to new customers, everyone gets to participate in the benefits of knowledge and tool updates. And because the infrastructure is managed by us you don’t ever need to worry about upgrading to latest release or paying for support. Everything is included in one low cost.

Integration to your existing help desk/service desk technology

Protect the investment in your existing help desk or service management tool. ITSM Coach can easily integrate information from almost any help desk or service desk tool to enable your organization to review your data within the ITSM Coach reporting portal.