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Why work at ThinkITSM?

ThinkITSM is a small company with a bright future. We believe we are changing how our industry delivers solutions. And in so doing, we're building something hugely valuable and worthwhile. We're fewer than 30 people today; this means that everyone who joins now will have a big impact on the success and future of our company. Therefore, we take hiring very seriously. We're looking for the key people who will help take ThinkITSM to the next level and create a company culture that is successful and satisfying for years to come. We value talent, creativity, and a sense that anything is possible. We are building a company to last.

A great environment

We believe the work environment is extremely important to productivity and happiness. We have a culture of trust where team members are given the opportunity to succeed and understand how their accomplishments impact the company. We work hard and play hard too so if you need a break you can plug in a video game or challenge a colleague to a round of foosball. We are located just outside of Toronto and have a team assembled from almost every continent in the world and being Canadian everyone is really nice.

ThinkITSM Careers

There are benefits too

Though we're small, we offer the things you'll find at a big company—like competitive salaries and full benefits. Plus, everyone gets to participate and get a meaningful stake in the company's long-term success.

It's about the people

More than anything else, we believe that job satisfaction comes down to being able to do what you're good at, while having the opportunity to learn and apply new ideas and technology. At ThinkITSM, you'll be joining a unique group of folks who bring their experiences from around the world to create a unique community of talent that is being challenged to change how an industry does business. We believe you'll be better when you leave ThinkITSM than you are today—and you'll feel good about the work you did here. If that sounds like something you are ready for, let's talk...

Working at ThinkITSM has allowed me to improve both my programming and system architecture skill sets by applying them to interesting and challenging projects. Both the project complexity and the cooperative atmosphere maintained by our team make for an extremely rewarding work environment.
-Mathew Smith, Consultant/Software Developer

Diversity spawns creativity. Creativity spawns innovation. Innovation is a key pillar of our teams' success.
-Nathan Reid, Program Manager

I truly enjoy working in an environment where I am constantly challenged and encouraged to be creative. The trick is to tackle projects using my mind, body and soul. If you love learning new things, are flexible and a team player this is a great place to be.
-Rob Sebestyen, Application Developer